As the Community Leader programme developed, it became clear that in addition to aims and objectives, it was built on five foundation stones or 'building blocks' which made the programme distinctive. These 'building blocks' were: Drama Practice, Coming to See Plays, Progression Groups, Participant Voice and Sharing Good Practice.

The partners did not know what all of these key elements were at the beginning of the programme. For example, although they were certain that Drama Practice would be important, they only discovered the value of Progression Groups as they learned more about what worked and what didn't work well. These building blocks were quite specific and made it easier to talk about what happened during the course of a complex three year programme.

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Drama Practice

Weekly drama sessions were at the heart of the Booth Centre and Royal Exchange Theatre partnership.

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Coming To See Plays

Cultural attendance, both to see plays and to access the Theatre's adult programme, encourages participants to access the Theatre independently.

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Progression Groups

Bringing further creative and other benefits to participants via a programme of deeper engagement activities.

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Participant-led Reflection

How to ensure that the opinions and ideas of participants play a central part in the programme.

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Sharing Best Practice

Disseminating learning throughout the partnership.

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