This online resource has been produced by the Royal Exchange Theatre and the Booth Centre, written by Ben Turner (Community Programme Leader) and Gerri Moriarty (project evaluator) with contributions from Janine Waters (lead drama practitioner).

The resource is intended as an honest and informative reflection on a possible approach to this kind of work based on our experiences. Although the resource is pertinent to partnerships between homelessness organisations and theatres (as this was the nature of programme that has informed it), it is also relevant to other organisations and projects which work with adults with complex and multiple needs including mental health, alcohol and drug dependency and social exclusion.

Please be aware that this resource has been written with organisations and workers in mind. Whilst it doesn’t exclude participants and is accessible to all, it is important to recognise that it hasn’t been written specifically for service users.


1. Royal Exchange Theatre and Booth Centre Partnership
An overview of the three year Community Leader Programme partnership between the Booth Centre and the Royal Exchange Theatre.

2. Building Blocks
The five foundation stones which made the Community Leader Programme distinctive:

Drama Practice
Coming To See Plays
Progression Groups
Participant-led Reflection
Sharing Best Practice

3. Backstage? Me? National Event
Further information about this one day event looking at homelessness and theatre which was delivered at the Royal Exchange Theatre in April 2014. Includes Case Studies from a number of other organisations working directly with individuals with experience of homelessness.

4. What Next?
Next steps for the Booth Centre and Royal Exchange Theatre partnership.

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The Booth Centre Community Leader programme was supported by The Rayne Foundation and the J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust.

Films: Soup Collective
Photography: Joel Fildes
Visual Minutes: More than Minutes

With thanks to the Progression Group, Simon Waters and Louise Wallwein (and all the other practitioners who have worked with the Drama and Progression Groups), Helen Gorton, Louise Martin and all other participants, artists, staff and volunteers who have supported this partnership over the three years.

Thank you for reading this resource and taking an interest in this area of work.


If you would like to find out more about this partnership or if you have any comments or feedback please contact Tracie Daly (Royal Exchange Theatre) on 0161 615 6739 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Amanda Croome (Booth Centre) on 0161 835 2499 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..